The future for the components that make up our vehicles here at Neuville Chrysler Dodge Jeep is looking really electric.  With a new partnership between our brand, the Canadian Government and McMaster University, the prospects for the  inventory of new cars we offer to you all in Waupaca, Wisconsin is going greener.

McMaster University, located in Canada, is one of the world's top academic institutions, and in combination with the Chrysler Group’s Global Electrified Powertrain Group, they will be researching and developing new technology.

Alongside our brands group, engineering students and faculty will be joined by more research engineers in trying to develop more energy efficient performance electric powertrains for all of the Chrysler family vehicles.

These bright minds will be put together to study major aspects of electric vehicles, including: powertrain design, optimization, power, machinery, motor control, energy management systems and embedded software.

This exciting partnership is being invested heavily by the Chrysler Group and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, with a total of $18.2 million being allotted to the study.

The students who work on this project from McMaster will gain relevant experience that could project to a job with Chrysler, further strengthening our brands engineering program.

The new electric powertrains that will result from this partnership will look to improve upon the four new engines Chrysler has already developed and will introduce with the 2014 model year lineup.

We look forward to seeing what the engineers at McMaster will come up with, and eventually will welcome the electric powertrains into the vehicles we offer here at Neuville Chrysler Dodge Jeep.  If you are interested in seeing what we already offer then stop by our dealership at 1407 Royalton Street here in Waupaca, Wisconsin.

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